Fresh and colorful model of the X-paddleboards range, the X- Fun will suit men or women who are looking for an efficient paddle, easy to handle, stable and fast on the water.

At 10'6 x 32 x 6″, it's a versatile and accessible paddleboard.


Like all X-paddleboards, X-Fun was created with the best materials available on the market. A high-end dropstitch ensures exceptional rigidity, while its single-layer PVC coating guarantees its durability.

Easy and stable

Very stable, this paddleboard will suit all beginners up to 130kg who can easily stand on the X-fun without being destabilized. It is ideal for men and women who are looking to start paddling on a super reassuring but also efficient paddle that will allow them to progress for many years. The X-Fun is indeed perfect


One of the strengths of the X-fun is its exceptional glide, which is due to its hydrodynamic shape and surprising rigidity.

To conclude, un superbe paddle pour les hommes ou les femmes qui cherchent un modèle performant, facile à utiliser et avec une très bonne glisse pour la balade, la randonnée ou simplement débuter et progresser rapidement!

Convertible into a Kayak

Easily transform your paddle into a kayak with its hooks to attach the kayak seat provided and paddle while seated!