The X-shark is the flagship model of the X-paddleboards brand: a look which does not leave indifferent, performances and a high level construction made the recipe of success of this board.


The X-Shark is a very stable paddleboard perfectly adapted to beginners who wish to get their first taste of paddling as well as to experienced paddlers who want a paddle that goes everywhere and is efficient on all types of water.

They are suitable for all sizes up to 140kg and ensure that you can start paddling without any problem, regardless of your age, your physical condition or your level


The X-Shark is built with the highest standards in the industry and offers exemplary high-end drop-stitch construction.

This construction gives it a high level of resistance to impact, sunlight and ensures that you can use it for many years.

Its high definition digital printing assures you an exceptional rendering on the water and on land.


The X-Shark was developed to provide maximum feel and excellent glide so you can paddle for hours and cover long distances without straining.


The X-shark is sold with a complete set of equipment that fits in a backpack and is ready to sail


  • Paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • Pump
  • Backpack
  • Leash
  • Repair Kit