La version électrique en pack complet de notre X3, livré avec: 

  • Aileron propulseur
  • Batterie Lithium 12 A étanche
  • Leash de sécurité 
  • Sangles
  • Chargeur


Temps de charge: 6 h

Puissance moteur: 350 W

Voltage: 36v

4 vitesses


Vitesse 1:  0,8m/s ou 2,9 km/h. ( autonomie de 10h)

Vitesse 2:  1,3m/s ou 4,6 km/h (autonomie 4h )

Vitesse 3:  2m/ s ou 6,9 km/h ( autonomie 2h30 )

Vitesse 4:  2,3m/s ou 8km/h (autonomie 1h30)

Dimensions: 10 x 82″ x 6″ ( 305 x 82 x 15cm)

Le X3 est le 3ème SUP de notre toute dernière gamme  avec pour vocation de produire des paddles d’excellente qualité à prix attractif ( moins de 300e) tout en proposant des prestations digne des meilleurs paddles. Ce X3 arrive avec un design frais et ensoleillé qui ne passe pas inaperçu sans en faire trop!

The best quality-price ratio

The X3 is a versatile paddle suitable for beginners as well as intermediates, with a very good construction while remaining under the symbolic 300euros bar.

An accessible shape ideal for beginners and intermediate riders

Whether it's your first time on a paddle or you're already a fan of the sport, the X3 vous surprendra par sa polyvalence and its accessibility. This very stable paddleboard will allow you to take your marks on the board without effort and to give your first strokes of paddle.

Its compact shape with a good width and a thickness of 15cm has a large volume that gives it a lot of buoyancy.


While this paddleboard is perfectly suited for beginners, the performance is still top notch and this paddleboard has excellent glide due to its premium rigid construction that allows the paddle to glide through the water without a hitch.

It swallows the kilometers on the water that it is in sea, in lake and in river for your biggest pleasure.
This paddleboard will be ideal to accompany you in all your walks and hikes near the coast.


This paddleboard has been designed with top of the line materials for maximum rigidity. From the premium single-layer PVC, to the diamond-shaped honeycomb pad, to the high-end dropstitch that allows for inflation up to 15psi, this paddle has nothing to envy the more expensive models.

To conclude

The X3 is a great paddle for people who want a SUP that is very affordable in every way: affordable in terms of price, stability, easy to carry. It is one of the best value paddles on the market if you want to start or improve!


  • Ideal for beginners thanks to its stability
  • Well equipped
  • Solid and quality construction
  • Convertible into a kayak with its integrated rings
  • Good Glide
  • Light

Paddleboard supplied in a complete pack with

  • Paddleboard
  • Pack électrique complet
  • Paddle
  • Leash
  • Pump
  • Backpack
  • Kit réparatio